Composting in the kitchen

         In the kitchen I like to have a bin handy so I don't toss excess Kitchen scraps into the garbage when I can work them into the garden. 

No meats should go into the compost bin as they will attract animals. Always look at a good compost list so you don't accidentally put items in the compost bin that you don't want.. such as seeds that may start to sprout later. 

   I like a bin because it makes it so much easier and it makes my kitchen more functional image having a kitchen without a garbage can? Or a sink? If you are a gardener you need some sort of bin to save these nutrients for your plants plus just think it will save you big money as you will have a healthier harvest.

   Make sure you add your compost from the kitchen to the outside bin daily. If you decide to compost in the house for the winter make sure you keep it moist for the bacteria to work.. If it is too dry add brown material to dry it out. Too much green material will make it smell. Compost is nature's fertilizer.

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